The Top Interior Design Trends Popping Up Everywhere in 2023

Vibrant color, personal style and more according to the experts…

PANTONE’S 2023 Color of The Year
Viva Magenta

What do we expect from The Magentaverse: Pale Dogwood, Grey Sand, Gray Lilac – Pale Khaki, Fields of Rye, Agate Gray and Plein Air, check these wonderful colors out at

To create a fashionable interior in 2023 there are a few things to keep in mind while outlining the details and assessing the elements that can be included in your space. First let’s touch on materials that that dominate:

  • Fantastic wood; who can do without it.
  • Metal; accents and furniture
  • Glass; mirrored, plain and textured
  • Ceramics: all finishes
  • Stone; statue rock sculptures and rock formations

Natural fabric like cotton, silk, linen, suedes and leather all add for a natural lively feel to your interior and are of the highest quality, and pleasant to the touch. According to Content Strategist Victoria Giardina at the New York Post this is the sign “to add some oomph and vibrancy to your home if you’ve been wanting to renovate.”

The home and design experts predict the design trends at the forefront for 2023, let’s take a look at what they they has to say:

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According to Ann Hepfer, Interior Desingner, Author of MOOD – ”2023 is going to be bold. Her claim is that ”Ultramarine blue will be the trending colour for the upcoming year. It is bright, supersaturated, and luscious colour. Going along with the bold theme, people will really embrace the use of family heirlooms, antiques and re-purposing and incorporating meaningful pieces into their home.”


Definitely a trend that will continue well into 2023 with more and more homeowners embracing their homes and comfort spaces, new life is bred into this bold and busy trend. Rooms that feature bold colours, topped with personal creativity showcasing individuality in the choice of mirrors, lighting, wall coverings, accents, furniture and decor pieces. According to Anna Starmer “The interest in vintage and reused furniture is a hopeful shift. “This trend is expected to rise and rise, as we see shopping for second life goods as both a design-savvy and environmental choice to make.

Whereas Krisha Salud, Director of Interiors, StudioLAB predicts the use of “warmer wood tones and an earthy colour palette in furniture and fabric will continue to rise.” The use of neutral rugs is air marked to becoming a statement piece in the home.

Interiors that Inspire

Focusing On Wellness

Wellness has become more than just the topic on everyone’s lips it’s now the way most people want to conduct the way they live, and rightfully so as self care is a key factor to improved well-being with engineered environments geared to facilitate healthy living. Wellness design not only sets the tone for slowing down and practicing mindfulness in our lifestyles, it encourages us to function at our very best. So, for the next coming while, you can be sure on seeing beautifully healthy spaces in the months ahead. 

The Multi-functional Home

Interior design trends in 2023 will witness the support of multi-functional home use engaging carefully tailored interiors that cater to everyday activities including the need for added entertainment and exercise spaces. As a result, the number of saunas, spas and luxury movie and wellness gyms and service bars are sure to increase.

Maximizing on Light

Modern open living interior design trends in 2023

The more we know about beneficial sustainable lifestyles and human functioning, the more of these elements we’ll see in our interiors.. Natural light is key in the aspect of new and emerging designs and where possible a renewed focus on maximizing natural light with big bare windows, white tones, and reflective surfaces help to improve our sleep patterns, and revitalizes our moods. Apart from all the other amazing benefits allowing more light into your surrounding is a great source of vitamin D, so let the light in and soak it in.

All in for Curves

Curved furniture interior design trends 2023

Curves and rounded furniture shapes have been displayed throughout interior designs trends for some time now. These crescent sofas, matched with tulip and egg chairs have taken center stage until now in 2023 as these home decorating trends have run their course and it’s time for a change. Say hello to lit cabinet displays, curvy credenzas, and accented oval mirrors, that compliment tulip lamps unique architectural detail. A welcome change as we stare towards the bright, bold future.

Wellness Flow

Photo by Jonathan Borba

Free flow is essential for a positive atmosphere and a positive layout improves traffic flow within the home and one way interior design trends of 2023 is making that happen is by borrowing influences used by Eastern techniques incorporating, Feng shui, wabi-sabi, ikigai, and japandi as these aesthetics have a huge impact on interior design for 2023.

Purity of Design

Purity in interior design trends 2023

More importance is being placed on reusing and revitalizing past pieces, or ornamentation details within an interior. Natural, clean lines will take precedence over more intricate alternatives and we will see this happening more and more as we get into 2023. There is certainly balance in 2023 interior design trends as one thing is notably certain and that it’s going to be an interesting year ahead.

“With so much happening in the world today—often uncertain and stressful—I predict we’re going to see a shift towards balance, calm, and simplicity in terms of home design,” says Kathy Kuo, interior designer and founder of Kathy Kuo Home.

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Why Autumn Is One Of The Best Seasons For Interiors

Changing Colors

Everyone love the changing colors of Autumn where the trees show their awesome worth and explode with every color imaginable. The colors are breathtaking and our interiors benefit from this display by taking a little bit of this beauty indoors. The bold beautiful hues of gold, rust, red orange, purples and blues adorn the once lush green forests and landscapes presenting a canopy of opportunity for bringing together the best combination of colors to enliven your decor for the coming months.

Design Trends that Rule This Fall

The verdict is in and the 70’s Style has topped the list. The bold 70’s Colors rule the moment. According to trend expert Nick Drewe, at “Incorporating earthly tones like hunter green, mustard yellow and blues, with materials like rattan and bamboo – In fact, searches for rattan have shot up by 77 percent on Pinterest. Notably green has been the top trend for several years and it’s no secret that its used interchangeably everywhere with muted sage being the go to color this fall.

Dark Wood Furniture

“Blonde wood has been a designer favorite for the past four or five years. The trend coincided with the rise of modern Scandinavian-inspired, white-on-white interiors that are still popular today. However, this year we’re predicting a noticeable shift towards darker wood tones paired with moody paint colors for a more dramatic look,” says Casey. Indeed , If you take a look at any of the latest furniture introductions, you’ll notice that white lacquer tables and Scandi-wood cabinets are being replaced with rich, dark wood finishes (which, FWIW, is about the coziest you can get for fall). Dark brown is popping up everywhere in design – we are seeing it used on walls and in furniture design, a resurgence in dark wood furnishings is being used for cabinetry and accents alike.

Vintage Appeal

The beauty that vintage vessels add to your decor is all but priceless, who doesn’t want to capture and hold a ‘piece of time’ for their own? It goes without saying that each unique pattern and texture of these mystic pieces add character and warmth to your decor. Get excited about the challenge ahead and prepare yourself to go down the rabbit hole as you hunt for your treasures, one keyword at a time. Here’s one place to start, see what pieces you’ll find at Fine

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