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At Simply Exquisite Interiors we format our designs by focusing through the eyes of our clients.  You are your designs so your opinion is invaluable to the finished product – we don’t just build customers and clients we build strong bonds.

We specialize in building and designing custom homes with   Smarter Technology   and uniquely designed interiors serving functionality as well as good taste, our team of experts are always on hand and ready to assist you in your designs.

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The arrival of each New Season is the perfect time to brighten up your decor.  We love to see the creative ways you make us a part of your life.  Send us a link with all the great stuff you bought throught our  Collection here on Instagram.


We Dedicate 2022 The Year in Support of Others


At Simply Exquisite Interiors We Believe Sharing Goes a Long Way!     And though 2022 started off with a Bang, it didn’t for many!

Now until Easter join ourPause-For-A-Cause – Distribution Drive where we will be collecting:

  • non-perishable food &

  • personal care items

for families with children between the ages of  2 to 10 years ( not reserved )  and The Elderly in need of everyday and personal care items that most of us take for granted. 

Along with our other Charitable Causes we will be collecting the above items donated for distribution up until, Saturday, 26th  March, 2022,  in aid of the
Pause-For-A-Cause – Distribution Drive.” 

All items are welcomed.  If donating ‘ Gently Used ‘ clothing, please ensure that the items are carefully laundered for immediate handling  and distribution.  Number to call for pick-up or to speak with someone regarding the Drive:  |  Collection points are available for persons interested in dropping off their contributions.

A Location for mobilizing persons interested in assisting with distribution on the day of the  “Pause-For-A-Cause – Distribution Drive”  will be announced on

click the link:   Eventbrite  Please check the site often for updates.

All are welcome to join us on the day of the drive, ( Save the Date ) we look forward to your support in any capacity you can help!                                                                                                                                                                                         +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Our Charitable Causes:

*  20% of All Our Sales go toward Charitable Funding for Abused Children and Single Mothers with ADHD Children here in Trinidad and Tobago. The fight is not theirs alone.  Let’s lend a helping hand to fight for the ones with little or no voice.

SUPPORT A WORTHY CAUSE:  Help those in need when you purchase online with us, your support goes a long way in the fight against the abuse of Children affected psychologically by verbal and physical abuse.  Join us in our fight to put an end to the neglect of Children with ADHD – (Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder) who suffer the same faith by so many because they are still widely misunderstood even now in the 21 Century.  We could put an end to Child Brutality, but we can’t do it alone, it starts with one person, one vision, one promise at a time.

We look forward to your support, at the time of your purchase you can choose which of the Charitable Funds you would like to see your donation support.  Send us your comments and requests and we’ll make it happen.

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