Dexter & Analee Hoyte of Simply Exquisite Interiors

Principals of the twin island studio,  Barataria, Trinidad, WI, Dexter and Analee Achee-Hoyte are acclaimed designers known for creating exquisite residential designs characterized by their unique style and bespoke solutions for creative designing.  SEI was first established in the 1990’s by Dexter Hoyte as he dedicated his life’s work to perfecting the art of furniture manufacturing and design; now he is accredit his own brand of home furnishings the ‘Xquisite Woods Collection.’  Ann started out differently however, as her passion was always administration, which she pursued for many years, working corporately in the executive field of business administration in establishments across Canada, the United States and here at home.  It was in Canada that Ann pursued her second passion in fashion design for several years before settling creatively on interior design.  “As a team we are passionate about everything in design…  and our love for beautiful spaces is reflected in all our projects.”  We provide consulting and complete handling of logistics on all projects, our committment is in getting the job done right!

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Core Values
We believe in treating our clients and customers with respect.  As a team we are constantly growing through our inventions and innovations and our creativity to better ourselves and our services. With all our clients and customers we integrate good business ethics, integrity and dependability in all aspects of our business functioning. We’re committed and we always get the job done.

Our Vision:
To deliver quality craftsmanship and unparalleled service to all our customers.  We stand by our taglinewhere design meets talent’ with the assurance of ultimate customer satisfaction; our goal is in being ‘the name on everyone’s lips’ recognized for our innovation – our quality of work and  – our attention to design details.

It’s what makes us number one, everytime… ”      –  Analee Achee-Hoyte