M. Malco, November 2014

Project Date: January 2014
Project Price: Over $50,000
I contracted Simply Exquisite Interiors as a means to satisfy what I wanted for my home. This was one of my better decisions. The professionalism and skill combination that make up Simply Exquisite Interiors made the task of explaining what I wanted quite easy. I was amazed at what was to be the finish product as my home was transformed into a place I was proud to call my own.

I was especially impressed with the work done in my kitchen. The craftsmanship and neatness of the product was amazing. My chosen design was altered in a way that only an experience designer could have afforded.

The work done by this pair of professionals was second to none, I have no hesitation in using this organization in future endeavours.
I am a business professional, and,Ii will need their services and expertise in several other projects.

A. Gift, May 27, 2015

Project Date: June 2014
Project Price: Over $100,000
This dynamic duo of husband and wife combination is like a blessing from God himself. He led them to me and words can’t describe the magnitude of elation and gratification my daughter and I are feeling with the level of satifaction we feel about the job they have done on our home. They have supersede our expectations and most importantly they were honest and dedicated at all times throughout the project. I gave them full creative control and they turned my house into a beautiful home. Words alone cannot express how thankful we are. I will not hesitate to recommend them highly to any and everyone. Great job Ann and Dexter, stay being true to yourselves and your clients. Love you both.

Reply:    Comment from Simply Exquisite Interiors
Oh Ms. Gift: It was our pleasure! Clients like you and your daughter come one in a million. If we were your blessing from God, you were ours! Thank you so very much for trusting in our ability to give you a home that you could cherish and build on, and not just a house to live in.
June 7, 2015

ABBA Ministries,
Bronx, New York, NYC

Lynn King
Brooklyn, New York, NYC

Working with Dexter and Ann of Simply Exquisite Interiors has been a very rewarding experience. They were able to make a big, scary job, pleasurable.

The first aspect of this working team that impressed my husband and myself is that they first listen to our ideas and plans, then using their expertise calmly but surely advised us as to what would or would not work in the working space for our new kitchen. Before beginning the job we were given a picture plan to see what the finished product would look like. Cost, estimated time and clean up was minimal.

This project was one of the best, most gratifying investments we have ever made.

Not only did our property value increase, but walking into our new kitchen can always put a smile on our faces.

Lynn and Christopher King

Carolyn and Dave
Queen, New York, NYC
We were looking for a contractor to carry out the remodel on our master bathroom for quite a while, then a friend of a friend told us about Dexter and Ann of SEI and that was the start of a beautiful friendship. We trusted their expertise, they knew what they were doing from the start and it was easy for us to leave the project in their hands.My wife loves our master-bath to the point where she is considering having our kitchen re-done for next year.They are a really great team and they give you what you want.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church,
Brooklyn, NYC