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Great design and home decorating ideas to inspire every genre and lifestyle. Follow us for expert tips and all you need to know to get the look for your home. What is your design personality?

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• Are you a Globe-Trotter? The mixing of inspirational finds from far-flung cultures, combining monochromatic geometrics with natural textures and organic shapes to adorn your decor?

Do you fancy minimalist design? Do you relish stripping things down to the barest of form? Clean lines, simplicity, and monochromatic palettes using color as an accent? Is Open Plan Layout appealing to you with only essential elements present in your living space?

• Is Classicist your thing? Does the harmony of Rococo Victorian designing bring you comfort with it’s order and structured balance. A characteristic of noble decorating ? This classical period manifests all the arts of early century Europe. Art, music, literature and architecture, symmetry, sophistication and antiquity.

Or Does Iconoclast better describe your style? In design, iconoclasm (“Image-breakers”) can best be described as controversal veneration and symbolism towards religious ideology. Strickly a matter of choice on part by the individual.