Trending furniture designs for the do-it-yourself home designer

Arranging your personal space is more than just collecting or even purchasing for that matter the next new item in style, it’s about creating your character and pin pointing your personality with a look that says this is ‘you’ and ‘this’ is my style. Every piece of furniture you select and the significance of the accessories you source for your space have all been perfectly arranged to please and entice all of your senses.

For the best of the best in furnishings the place to visit is imm cologne. What is this you say? Only the creme-de-la creme of furniture the premiere of interior design. The event is an annual affair that takes place in – you guessed it Cologne, Germany. Another interesting source for impeccable furnishings of every description is MOM, Maison & Objet and More their expansive variety is such that everyone can benefit they carry decorative furnishings, a wide range of lighting designs and fashion accessories from names like E-MOI and Jardin Secret to name a few.

It seems that anything of a handmade nature will be topping the list for furnishings for 2019. Custom made is the go and fine craftsmanship is all the craze this year. Work these exquisite works of art into your design.

Metal never truly goes out of style and is the case this year, the creative use of metal will compliment every aspect of your home, whether it’s polished, rubbed or blackened it will play a very important part in your finished decor.

We expect pink to stand out and be quite compelling this year as it takes center stage we envision it’s complimentary colors to be very prominent as they contribute a good mixture of deep reds, olive green and deep dark blues.

Home owners are ever looking for something out of the ordinary and such is the appeal of something gotten from the past. Timeless pieces tell a tale of a time once forgotten, a story to be unearthed, a mysterious treasure. Antiques will be gracing our homes and en-livening our expectations for quite some time.

Happy designing everyone!

design blog by Ann Achee-Hoyte
Design & Visual Coordinator @
Simply Exquisite Interiors