Top 10 Trends in Interiors by 2020

Ever wonder what Interior Design Trends will be in the future? We asked ourselves the same question and with a bit of searching we found this survey with opinions from across the industry. Here’s what was predicted:

 1.    For one thing Americans will be living in smaller spaces with fewer rooms
        by the time 2020 rolls around, and this got the green light from more than
        76% of IFDA members.

2.    Formal living rooms may also be a thing of the past, according to an
       increasing majority of design professionals.

3.    Dining rooms will become the new multi-purpose space, incorporating
        everything from home offices, study areas for the kids and entertainment

4.     A minimalist approach to rooms will be adopted in the sense where
         separate rooms will disappear: rooms are going to blend into spaces that
         serve many different purposes, this being the believe of (91.5 %) of design

5.     Furniture also goes multi-purpose with modular, moveable and smaller
         scaled furniture overtaking built-ins and clunky pieces.

6.     Eat in kitchens will remain a necessity and could replace the conventional
         dining rooms with everyone into healthy eating there is an increase in
         home cooking.

7.    Spa baths are very likely to be more favored.  The desire for luxurious
        spas, baths and showers are definitely on the rise and with it is the want
        for high-tech fixtures.

8.    High-Tech is it.  Voice and sensor activation will be the norm.
        Entertainment and environmental controls, lighting; heating /cooling
        and window treatments are likely to be motorized by the overall

9.    We can’t leave out outdoor living but low maintenance is a must.  Low-
         maintenance landscaping and “functional” gardens favoring herb and
         vegetables provisions .

10.  The size of the average home will shrink as concerns over energy costs are
         factored in to the high costs of living.  Let’s face it baby boomers no longer
         require a large number of bedrooms.

The Top 10 Trends were sourced from “20/20: IFDA’s Vision for the Future” a survey conducted by the associations’ members across the United States and internationally.