Decorating on a Budget

Simple ways to make your home look like a million bucks!

Make it spectacular, let’s make it grand!  Without putting a drain on your wallet it doesn’t have to cost too much.  Here are a few tricks you can undertake to make your home look fantastic!

Exploit Artwork:  Every room needs a focal point. If you don’t already have one, create one ! Center the room using eye catching wall art.  Your first thought might be art is expensive but it doesn’t have to be, just tasteful!  Rather than commission a custom piece, many home furnishing stores sell beautiful prints already framed and ready to be hung.  Or, try downloading free art from the web, print an extra large image at a local print shop and cut the image into three parts to fit into select frames from any art shop, this makes a perfect picture collage. The key is to hang the panels so that they appear as one oversized piece for the greatest effect.  The outcome is stunning.

Create an Illusion:  With regards to decorating small spaces or enhancing the look of a ceiling, it has more to do with tricking the human eyes by making the space and ceiling appear different than they actually are through the use of color and lighting.  By correctly controlling ground-colors and color stresses, one can visually change space in all three dimensions.  Another option to consider is to choose one furniture piece the same color as the walls, the longest straight line in a room is its diagonal so by placing several pieces at an angle along that wall leads the eye along the longer distance.  Keeping the furniture in the same color family is a plus because broken colors stand out and have a tendency to make a space seem smaller than it really is.

Add flair for Drama:  Banish boring boudoirs with a simple trick;  paint one wall a dark color or apply a faux paint technique.  A textured accent wall adds warmth to any room and gives it a polished look.  Redoing only one wall is perfect for a budget makeover; you’ll save time and lots of money in the process,  and your space will come alive and look renewed, trust me.


Go Eclectic:  I like to decorate rooms with warm palettes, adding highlights of color and texture with accessories.  My favorite color scheme incorporate shades of blue, greens and reds.  I also like to mix and match designs from different eras, like these Asia inspired bamboo place mat settings with matching appetizer chopsticks paired with a European  touch of hand blown aquamarine cocktail glasses  against Latin American polished stone dishes.  The sleek leather sledge back dinning chairs add a lift to this robust stone base and tempered clear glass top pedestal dining table.  Isn’t it divine!




Accentuate your View:  Add window treatments around a window  using bright colors so the eye is drawn toward the windows.  And, if you face a problem of ‘too much space, try buying two or more tufted center ottomans and joint them together making the perfect cocktail table that will wow your guests.  You not only fill that space but give functionality to your room.


 Happy Decorating!!

Ann Achee-Hoyte  with your ‘Home Fashion Blog!’